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Periprosthetic Plating

aap has developed special LOQTEQ hinges for the unique challenges in the treatment of periprosthetic fractures. They can be attached laterally to a plate, adjusted as required and securely anchored in the bone. Polyaxial positioning of the ø3.5mm screws increases flexibitiy for the surgeon. The LOQTEQ Distal Lateral Femur Plate 4.5 PP (periprosthetic) is the first plate that can be combined with hinges.



More Products

Cerclage Insert 4.5

Inserts for cables or cerclage wires 1.7 to 2.2mm in diameter
Easy placement or offset with special seating instrument

VA Hinge

45 range of motion on the plate
Secure retention with fixing screw
Multidirectional locking screw fixation (±15)

Distal Femur Plate PP

Distal and proximal cut-outs for hinges
243 – 386mm in length (9 to 17 holes)
Compatible with MIS instrument set DF