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LOQTEQ Plating System

State-of-the-art locked plating systems allow anatomical reduction with permanent retention in accordance with the fixateur interne principle. They represent the gold standard in fracture treatment, particularly in cases with reduced bone quality and in the stabilization of comminuted fractures. Users throughout the world have achieved excellent results with the LOQTEQ Anatomical Plating System, that combines advanced locking-compression technology and excellent anatomical fit in a comprehensive range of products. The combination of fracture compression and angular-stable locking in one surgical step is unique in this form and is the foundation of LOQTEQ's success. Thanks to the integration of a variable-locking technology and the continuous expansion of its areas of application, LOQTEQ's success story is sure to continue. The current highlight is the development of an antibacterial silver coating, which, in combination with LOQTEQ plates, is a major boost to efficiency in fracture treatment that helps to significantly improve everyday life for surgeons and patients.