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Elbow Plates 2.7/3.5

The LOQTEQ Elbow System has been designed for the treatment of fractures of the distal Humerus and the proximal Ulna. The sophisiticated anatomical design of the plates may act as a repositioning guide in the reduction of complex fractures and allows surgeons choosing either 90° or 180° double plating techniques at the distal Humerus. The reduced joint sections are stably fixated and can be mobilized at an early stage.



More Products

Olecranon Plate 2.7/3.5

Anatomically shaped
Low profile in metaphyseal section
Screw alignment for stabilizing the coronoid and the coronoid process

Distal humerus - 180 double plating

Combination of medial and lateral plate
Targeting frame for secure positioning of the most distal screws
81 to 205 mm length

Distal humerus - 90 double plating

Combination of medial and dorsolateral plate
ø2.7mm screws near joint, ø3.5mm in the shaft
85 to 206 mm length